About Us

The owners, creators and management of Hawaii Holiday Vacation Rentals thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us and how we got to the place we are now. Here is our story.

The journey that lead to this company is a long one, but one that seems to have been a series of happy coincidences and fortuitous outcomes.

In the beginning, there was A Piece of Paradise.

Steve Marcotte, the principal broker of A Piece of Paradise, had been representing vacation rentals in Kapoho since 1993. As a software engineer in the Bay Area, Steve was an early adopter of Internet marketing and began using it to book his own property in Kapoho.  In 1996 Steve moved to East Hawaii, obtained his real estate license and became an agent with Coldwell Banker focusing on buyers and sellers of vacation rentals. Steve was licensed as a broker in 2003 and A Piece of Paradise became an independent broker.

And then came Hawaii Holiday Vacation Rentals.

Harrison & Sharene Klein, the owners of Hawaii Holiday Vacation Rentals, had been in the hospitality business on the Mainland and in Hawaii since 1987. They created Hawaii Holiday Hospitality, LLC which did business as Hawaii Holiday Vacation Rentals. They began managing vacation rentals on the Big Island in August 2003, and in November 2006 Hawaii Holiday Hospitality/Hawaii Holiday Vacation Rentals began operation as an independent real estate brokerage.

While all of this was going on, the seeds that later became Aloha Coast Realty were being planted.

Aloha Coast Realty was formed by David Deweese and John Dirgo in July 2007. They wanted to start their own Brokerage Firm to take the knowledge that they had from working at other Hilo firms and incorporate the best of what they learned in a company that nurtured agents, responded professionally and quickly to clients and was a dynamic force in the community.  Their passion for high ethics and equality and their genuine personalities have helped them grow ACR into the largest real estate firm on the east side of Hawaii Island without ever advertising for new agents.

Early in 2010, we realized that we were missing a part of the “full-service” brokerage we all envisioned and that was property management.  To that end, we began a property management arm.   Of course, the fact that we were discussing with Steve, Harrison and Sharene a merger of the companies only added to the sense of urgency.

On September 1st of 2010, Aloha Coast Realty assumed operation of the now-merged Hawaii Holiday Vacation Rentals and A Piece of Paradise.  With that acquisition, we took over booking and management responsibilities for nearly 50 vacation rental properties on the east side of the Big Island and near Kihei on Maui.  Between Steve, Sharene and Harrison, they had assembled a wonderful support team for the business, which Aloha Coast Realty was blessed to keep.  It is our housekeepers, handypeople, gardeners, and other support staff that make sure that the properties are beautiful and ready when guests arrive.  Very few people see them, but they are essential to all that we do.  Of course, we couldn’t do it without Tara and Su, our Reservation and All-Around Vacation Rental Goddesses who keep us on our toes and guests flowing into and out of the most beautiful vacation homes in the area.

Since that merger in 2010, Aloha Coast Realty/Hawaii Holiday Vacation Rentals has gone on to add another 25 vacation rental properties, in addition to adding more long-term rentals and supporting the professional real estate agents that have chosen to work with us.

With these three legs – property sales, long-term rentals & vacation rentals — we offer a full suite of services to our clients of all types.