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Questions to Ask Your Vacation Rental Manager

In the vacation rental industry, owners rarely change management companies. This is a well-known fact. The manager can ignore them, never book their property and mistreat them, yet the owner stays. Poor property managers hope that their owners never ask the hard questions. But asking those difficult questions is exactly what you should do. You should be able to ask your property manager questions like:

Are you competing with me? Do you, your company or your family members own rental properties in this same area?

Vacation rental managers often talk with possible guests who have not decided on a property. Those guests need help choosing a property that is the right fit for their vacation. Do you want that manager guiding the guest toward their own property because that’s more profitable for them? Or do you want a manager that is unbiased and will help the guest make the right choice? The right choice will keep the guest coming back year after year. You should expect a vacation rental manager not to compete with you.

At Hawaii Holiday Vacation Rentals, we don’t compete with you. We don’t have ‘in-house’ properties that receive preferential treatment. We fairly match the property and the guest, based on the guest’s needs, desires and budget.

Are you in compliance with all Hawaii state laws on vacation rentals and rental management?

Do you know the laws on property management in Hawaii? Any company or person managing properties for more than one person or entity must be a licensed real estate brokerage. There are people out there that will offer to manage your property as a vacation rental even though they know they are breaking the law. This puts both you and your guest at risk, not to mention your money. Finding out that the State has issued your vacation rental manager a ‘cease and desist’ order can really wreck your day!

Hawaii Holiday Vacation Rentals is the trade name in the vacation rental market for Aloha Coast Realty. We are one of the fastest growing real estate brokerages in the state of Hawaii. We are legal, licensed and insured. We (either Aloha Coast Realty or Hawaii Holiday Vacation Rentals) have received the honor of being one of Pacific Business News’ “Fastest 50” five times. To be recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the state is amazing, but to receive that honor nearly every year since our founding is incredibly rare. Few companies show that consistency of growth. We have grown that way because we do things right.

The legal environment for vacation rentals is changing and new laws are in the works. We watch the actions of the Legislature and County Councils for laws that could affect vacation rentals. The State of Hawaii, every year, works to strengthen and more strictly enforce the laws on ‘transient rentals’. The State wants to be sure that it collects all the taxes that it should. Illegal vacation rentals are one of their largest targets. An illegal property manager cannot take a stand for themselves or for you with the politicians or legislature. We can and we do contact state and county officials to weigh in on proposed legal changes.

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