How We Get Paid

How We Get Paid

We Use a Success-Based Fee Structure

This is where most companies try to hide the costs. We don’t. We are proud of what we do and we know that we earn our commissions every day.

Other Costs

Some third-party sites with which we work charge a rental commission of 7-15%. This includes travel agents and some online travel websites. For most owners, Hawaii Holiday will split the cost. In some rare cases where Hawaii Holiday will not share in the cost, owners will have the choice to take part at their own expense.

There is a 3% fee for credit card processing of each transaction. Whenever the transaction is paid another way where this fee is not charged to us (such as electronic check), we don’t charge you.

Unlike many other companies out there, we don’t charge the owners for the cost of most advertising (except for specialty advertising requested by the owner). We don’t charge a “guest services” fee. We don’t hit our owners with a lot of added fees.

We Don’t Charge for Family

If you or another party on your behalf books a guest stay in your unit, there is a $35 fee per reservation. There is no charge for personal stays or other non-revenue visits (family & friends).

There is a fee of $25 per month if you choose to have HHVR file and pay the Hawaii taxes collected on your rentals on your behalf.

The Start Up Cost is Tiny

There is a one-time start-up fee of $350 to set up your property and enter the contract details into our systems. This fee is due with the signed contract. This does not cover the actual cost, but helps with:

  • Photographing your property to show off its individual beauty and amenities
  • Building a detailed promotional listing on our website
  • Initial marketing

We spend at least $2,000 on each new property we bring on board. Our standard costs incurred include $1,500 for initial marketing setup, $350 for security and lock systems (when appropriate), photography, and software licensing. We spend all that just in bringing the property ‘live’ and that does not include the cost of our time.